CityWebCentral builds high quality municipal websites for City, Township and Village governments in Michigan.

We will custom-create a new modern website especially for your community. We adhere to industry best practices and design to contemporary responsive mobile-friendly standards, so that your website plays perfectly on today's desktops, tablets and smartphones.

In addition to superb technical and design skills, CityWebCentral brings professional experience in community marketing, advertising, local government, business and product development. We also shoot high quality landscape photography and video, and we are FAA certified to fly our own commercial drone to capture aerial images.

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CityWebCentral brings a unique blend of creativity, municipal experience and organizational leadership to your city, township or village website project. Together we'll build a great new website for your community, backed by our continuing support, strong resources and local professional service.

City of Belding

The City of Alma website launched in September, 2019. This new website is mobile-device-friendly and loaded with modern features, replacing an older website that was not. Alma also wanted dynamic landscape and aerial drone photography wrapped in a fresh design to show off their community, which CityWebCentral provided.

We worked together with the City Manager, the City Clerk and other City staff members to develop the site's design and custom menu system. We migrated and consolidated content from the their older website, and with our more efficient format, we were able to cut the number of website pages in half. The new site is much easier to navigate and citizens can more quickly find what they need.

As part of their website design firm interview process, the City of Alma asked for an onsite demonstration of our Cobra7 CMS™ content management system. They wanted to see exactly how it performs all of the necessary municipal website content management tasks -- updating page text, images, links, documents, minutes, forms and more -- and to see how easy it is to use. Cobra7 CMS exceeded all of their expectations, and it became a leading reason why the City of Alma chose CityWebCentral to build and manage their new website.

City of Belding

The City of Belding is a CityWebCentral client since 2003. As the Internet, websites and the way people interact with local government continues to evolve, the City of Belding has chosen CityWebCentral to keep their website presence continually fresh and up to date.

This is actually our third website design for the City of Belding. The previous one served for nearly 9 years. Now with today's emphasis on smartphones and mobile-friendly browsing, the responsive-design City of Belding website plays equally well on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

The City Clerk wasn't sure at first if she would be comfortable managing website content herself, but the simple style of our Cobra7 CMS™ Content Management System immediately put her at ease. Now she updates page articles, meeting minutes, photos, documents, links, and other aspects of the website in just minutes.

CityWebCentral provided complete website production services from initial concept through design and construction to finished site launch. We migrated content from City's previous website where appropriate. A custom CityWebCentral database system dynamically serves all pages.

City of Hart

The City of Hart chose CityWebCentral for our unique design and innovative municipal website solutions. The new City of Hart website is the touchpoint for community communications.

Citizens and visitors quickly find what they need. Menus are easy to navigate. A built-in Search Engine can be accessed from any page. The search engine works like Google™ but searches the City of Hart website only, returning website pages and PDF document text.

CityWebCentral photographed aerial and landscape vistas, creating beautiful page banners. We shot photos from our professional DJI Inspire 1 drone, and on the ground with our professional landscape camera equipment.

City of Hart staff maintains the site using Cobra7 CMS™, the CityWebCentral content management system designed especially for cities, townships and villages. Cobra7 CMS updates website text, photos, documents, minutes, links and more.

City of Newaygo

The City of Newaygo chose CityWebCentral to build their new website after reviewing proposals from other firms. Our fresh custom design, local presence, municipal experience, and professional full-service approach won their selection.

Meeting minutes and documents are neatly organized and displayed within File Cabinets™, our innovative document repository solution. It's easy for users to find everything they need, and quick for City staff to keep everything updated.

Page banners reflect the beauty of the Newaygo area. CityWebCentral shot and produced the banner photography as part of our website development package.

"How May We Help?" Quick Links on every page help site visitors quickly find the most frequently-requested information.

Opt-In Email allows citizens and visitors to sign up on the website to receive messages from the City, tailored to their interests. The email list and messages are managed and sent by City staff using our Cobra7 CMS™ content management system.

City of Reed City

The City of Reed City purchased their first CityWebCentral website in 2013. In 2021, we updated the design, adding new page and menu features and photography.

We shot and produced landscape and drone photography to show off some of the Reed City area's most beautiful and interesting features. The site utilizes the latest mobile-friendly responsive design techniques, for display on desktop, tablet and smartphone browsers.

The City Clerk uses our Cobra7 CMS™ content management system to maintain and update the website. In addition, CityWebCentral created custom database solutions to facilitate the site's Cemetery Directory.

Village of Lakeview

The Village of Lakeview wanted a professional, custom-design full-service municipal website complete with a dedicated content management system... and they also wanted a budget price. They found all of that with CityWebCentral.

A picturesque community about 20 miles north of Greenville, the Village of Lakeview has much to accomplish with a relatively small staff. The Village website is an important resource tool needed to reduce phone calls and foot traffic at Village offices. It is designed to be a complete information center where citizens can view and download information and documents they need, improving service and convenience, while saving Village staff time and workload.

Cobra7 CMS™, the CityWebCentral website content management system designed especially for cities, townships and villages, makes it quick and easy for staff to make website updates and new postings.

Village of Pentwater

The Village of Pentwater had a website that was complete with content but outmoded in design and function. The old website was not mobile-friendly nor was it easy to find needed information.

CityWebCentral designed and built an all-new modern website including all of the features that communities want most. The menu system is concise and well-organized. Information and documents are found quickly. A built-in Search Engine can be accessed from any page. The search engine works like Google™ but searches and returns pages and documents on the Village of Pentwater website only.

Landscape and drone photography was shot and produced by CityWebCentral to create beautiful page banners, gallery slide shows and article photos site-wide.

Village of Pentwater staff maintains the website using Cobra7 CMS™, the CityWebCentral content management system designed especially for cities, townships and villages.

Village of Rothbury

The Village of Rothbury wanted a simple, basic, no-frills website to present basic information for community members. After considering other providers, they chose CityWebCentral to build their community website because of our quality design and municipal experience.

The wants and needs of each community are different. While most of our community website clients prefer to use our integrated content management system Cobra7 CMS™ to maintain and update their websites, the Village of Rothbury does not. Instead, when needed, they would rather that CityWebCentral make website updates and postings for them from our offices. Of course we are happy to do that. Village staff simply sends us meeting minutes, notes and documents, and we post them to the website in their behalf, easy as pie.

No matter the size or website management needs of your community, CityWebCentral focuses on the best solution, and provides the most appropriate services and products.

Village of Sparta

The Village of Sparta chose CityWebCentral to manage the redevelopment of their community website. The Village's old website looked out of date, lacked modern functionality, was not mobile-friendly, and was cumbersome to manage, requiring phone calls and messages to a third party provider to make simple site updates.

Village management wanted to improve communications with citizens and visitors, add new capabilities, freshen style, and manage website updates internally. They liked CityWebCentral's design, our menu system options, and our Cobra7 CMS™ content management system.

Today the Village of Sparta website is a well-organized presentation of Village services. As well, community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Development Authority, the Civic Center and the Sparta Airport are pulled together and linked on the site.

The site offers users the opportunity to sign up for email news, and Village management sends customized email news messages to users via Cobra7 CMS™, our municipal website content management system.

Sparta Township

Sparta Township liked the website that we built for the Village of Sparta and asked us to build one for the Township too. Working with the Township Clerk and Treasurer, we developed a custom design and menu system. We migrated content from an older Township website and added new content to create a modern mobile-friendly responsive website for Sparta Township citizens.

The website includes maps, calendars, financial information, meeting minutes, forms, publications and much more for easy download and use. As a result, phone and foot traffic is reduced at Township offices, and citizens are better served.

Township staff uses Cobra7 CMS™, our municipal website content management system, to make site updates, post new documents, and keep the pages fresh.

CityWebCentral EXCLUSIVE:
Cobra7 CMS™ Content Management System

"So easy to use!" "Perfect way to update our City's website!" "We love it!"

There are many reasons to choose CityWebCentral... Beautiful design, solid performance, continuing service. One of the best reasons is Cobra7 CMS™, designed and built by us to be the perfect content management system for municipal government websites.

Once we build your new city, township or village website, Cobra7 CMS gives you and your staff control of it. Quickly update text, photos, banners, documents, links and lists.

Manage email signups, create slideshows, post videos, post special alerts and more. Cobra7 CMS also brings you File Cabinets™, our innovative document and link repository.

All you need is a web browser to run Cobra7 CMS. No special skills or software are required. Ask us for an on-site demonstration.

In Addition to Community Websites...

A well-made development video can showcase your community to prospective new residents and businesses.

CityWebCentral will write, script, shoot, edit, narrate and completely finish your community video for Internet streaming, broadcast, meetings, DVD, YouTube™, Vimeo™ and more. We shoot high quality HD and 4K video on location with our own professional cameras and equipment. We edit using the latest technologies and equipment, and we also produce audio with music and narrations in our own studio.

If you are thinking about a community video project and wondering, "Who?" Just call us! We will provide the turn-key video production package you need: Creative development, on-camera and voice talent, shoot, edit, post-production and distribution, all finished.

We can shoot video along with the landscape and aerial photography already included with your CityWebCentral website project.

CityWebCentral Photography and Community Video Productions

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